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The AX-600 Residual Gas Analyser

The AX-600 Residual gas Analyser can be configured to meet most gas analysis and process monitoring applications. With mass ranges up to 300amu and a choice of detector systems the AX-600 may be supplied as an "add on" to an existing vacuum system or as a complete stand alone unit with integrated vacuum and inlet system. The AX-600 Residual gas Analyser uses a PC Computer as its system controller and its operating software is written in a high level language. This simplifies updating, and allows easy customising to meet specific process requirements. The user-friendly software operating under 'Windows' make the AX-600 easy to use in all RGA and gas analysis applications.

Key Benefits

bulletAdditional facilities.
bulletVery Compact Residual gas Analyser.
bulletSimple to use.
bulletComprehensive Software.
bulletTwin Filament.
bulletLow Power requirements


The Analyser.   >

The quadrupole analyser is available with a choice of ion sources, mass filters and detection systems. 
The standard ion source is a radially symmetrical design fitted with twin filaments and suits most applications. The standard filaments are tungsten but thoria coated iridium are available if required.
The standard mass filter is an enclosed saddle mounted fitted with 125mm long 6.35mm diameter cylindrical rods. A lower cost 100mm end mounted mass filter is available as an alternative. The standard flange is 70mm OD cu gasket but KF40 viton seal is available if preferred.
The detector is a combined Faraday cup and Channeltron detector. A Faraday detector only is available if required for the lower mass range units.




The Electronics Unit.  ^                

This compact unit contains the complete quadrupole electronics that plugs directly onto the analyser. Communication with the PC Computer is via the RS232.
The unit has a performance and features only found on more expensive RGA’s, and yet its small size and low cost is achieved by the use of the very latest electronic techniques.



Technical Data:- AX600 Residual Gas Analyser

Mass Range Options

1-100, 1-200, 1-300  (Others available)


10% valley between equal peaks.

Minimum detectable partial pressure

2x10-11mBar Faraday, 5x10-14mBar SEM

Minimum detectable total pressure

1 x 10-11 mBar.

Maximum operating pressure

1x10-4mBar Faraday, 1x10-5mBar SEM

Electron energy

10 - 120eV

Ion Energy



20uA - 2 mA *

Bake-out temperature

250C recommended. 350C maximum

R.F frequency

1.84Mhz std.(options 1.6Mhz - 4.9Mhz)

R.F. amplitude

1000V p/p at maximum mass

Rod diameter

6.35 m.m.

Rod length

100 m.m. std. (125 mm above 200amu.)

Power requirements

17-26VDC 15-25 Watt

Software specification

Refer to separate Software Leaflet.

P.C .Computer required.

Pentium preferred.

Ion Source Options.  Open, Axial Beam, Cross Beam.
Baud Rate  600 to 56,600


Order Information. - AX-600 Residual gas Analyser.

Complete Instruments


100amu RGA with Faraday Detector


100amu RGA with Dual Detector

AX-600/200M 200amu RGA with Dual Detector


300amu RGA with Dual Detector

Spare Analyzer Heads


100/200amu Analyzer with Faraday Detector


100/200amu Analyzer with dual detector

AH300M 300amu Analyzer with dual detector

Spare Filaments


Pack of 4 tungsten


Pack of 2 Thoria coated Iridium





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