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A rare opportunity to purchase a fully self contained Spectramass 'Dataquad' RGA. These RGA's are fully factory reconditioned by the original founder and owner of Spectramass that also designed these fine instruments.

The Dataquad has its own built in microprocessor, display unit and front panel membrane control panel. (Separate PC Computer Not required) The 5U high Control unit an be rack mounted or desk standing. A small separate RF/Pre-amp unit plugs on to the flange mounted quadrupole analyser. The analysers are mounted on a CF35 (2.75") copper gasket flange.

Three Fully Reconditioned Pre-owned Spectramass Dataquad RGA's are available. The electronics and software versions on these instruments are all V3.2 (The latest manufactured). They are offered on a first come first served basis.

The twin filament analysers have been dismantled cleaned reassembled with new Ion source and filaments the units are fully vacuum tested and calibrated before dispatch to meet manufacturers original performance and specification.

Unit 1. DXF200 200amu fitted with Faraday Only detector analyser.                                     Price 2,250-00

Unit 2. DXF200 200amu fitted with Faraday Only detector analyser. (New Monitor fitted)     Price 2,550-00

Unit 3.DXM200 200amu Dual Detector Faraday/Channelplate.                                               Price 2,850-00

FREE! a Pack of 8 additional tungsten filaments (value 260) is offered free with each of the above instruments. Under normal high vacuum conditions these are sufficient to last the lifetime of the instrument. (Note:- some manufacturers of RGA's charge this amount for a single filament)


Prices: in G.B. Pounds Sterling.

UK. Customers: VAT will be added at the standard Rate.

Overseas Customers: responsible for any taxes that may be due on importation.

Freight Charges: will be added at cost.

For Existing Dataquad users:-

New Manufactured Filaments for Spectramass Dataquad:-

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New Filaments for Spectramass Dataquad, Selectorr, Visa, RGA's:-


SM100/FW Pack of 4 Tungsten Filaments GB. Pounds 130-00
SM100/FT  Pack of 2 Thoria coated Iridium Filaments GB. Pounds 130-00
Post and packing charges apply. Consult ASI.

Replacement new analyzers and new Ion Sources are also available for Dataquad Instruments.



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