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ASI is a small company that can be very flexible. We are happy to modify and incorporate special features from a wide range of options on any of our instruments to suit customers specific requirements.

Design Options

The following describes just some of the options that have been fitted to our standard RGA instruments on customers request. 

Option 1    Changing the RF operating frequency.

Option 2    Adding a thermal extender to the analyser.

Option 3    Fitting a different ion source.

Option 4    Fitting different mass filters

Option 5    Fitting alternative detector

Option 6    Different Analyser Mounting flanges

Option 7    Special Software features.

See Options selection under the products page for further information.

Other products

Components for experimental applications:-

Components for miniature PTRMS & SIFT Systems.

These include:-  Gas Discharge Ion Source, - Drift Tube, - Electronics module for discharge source and Drift tube.

Analyser quadrupole, - Pre-selector quadrupoles, 


Second user Residual Gas Analysers.

Factory reconditioned Spectramass 'Dataquad' Instruments.

The Spectramass 'Dataquad' instrument is a fully self contained RGA with its own built in Microprocessor and 9" monochrome display.

These are available as Electronics only or as Complete instruments fitted with Brand new analysers. Further Details on request.

Service and Spare parts for Spectramass Instruments.

Spare Brand new analysers and filaments are available for the Spectramass range of Residual gas analysers including 'Dataquad' 'Visa' and 'Selectorr'  instruments.




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